Detailed planning of elegant interior

Everything starts with a vision. In order to realize different furnishing ideas however exact planning and accurate drawings are needed. At the beginning we rely on already existing plans or develop in close cooperation with the client an elaborated room plan. With the help of a CAD application we can create drawings with millimetre precision. According to these drawings we produce exclusive custom-made furniture. Walk-in wardrobes, functional kitchen furniture or unique bathroom furniture can, due to sophisticated solutions, fit even into small and intricate rooms.

Foresighted planning

Apart from a high quality design, several practical aspects are essential for a good and foresighted planning as well. We recommend to keep in mind electric installations and water pipes during all planning steps. The early coordination of the different works guarantees a smooth proceeding. Problems can be avoided and furnishing ideas can be realised without any stress.

Complete master plan

Our joinery cooperates with different partners in the Dresden region. This facilitates the integrated planning of hotel or apartment interiors. Leather sofa, glass coffee table or cushioned headboard – only the mix of materials makes interior design exciting. Our cooperation with reputable, professional and specialized companies guarantees a gapless planning from the floor up to the ceiling, without any additional organisational effort. We at the K&S Objektmöbel Tischlerei are pleased to organise floor layers, window fitters or painters and offer to take care of the production of new furniture or the completion of an existing interior according to an elegant master plan.


A beautiful house might be perfectly built but might still appear to be empty and cold without an appealing interior. Furnishing spacious or very small rooms in a practical way is especially difficult and needs thoroughly selected solutions. All of our cabinet makers, interior designers and interior consultants have year-long experience in planning and realising challenging projects, whether small or large. From living rooms to hotel suits, from medical offices to the interior of spa areas – we know what matters. And we are pleased to provide guidance – if required directly on site or even at your home.

Our furniture exhibition in Coswig can be utilised as source of initial inspirations. Pass your hand over the wooden surfaces or stretch out on our sofa. Here you can study and touch different wood and fabric samples. We provide individual consultation and will find the best interior solutions along ground plans including measures, ceiling heights and the position of water and electricity installations.


Top-tier craftsmanship

We know about the characteristics and specialties of wood. As a furniture joinery managed in the fifth generation, excellent craftsmanship and accuracy are of top priority. Thanks to our decade-long experience we are able to realize even highly demanding projects. We produce custom-made and designed furniture, carefully envisaged, with the help of modern machinery.

Rapid production with
up-to-date machinery

With our computer-controlled panel saw we can cut to size a huge number of wooden panels accurate to the millimetre. Thus, we can combine absolute accuracy with short delivery times. Challenging round shapes can quickly be realized in a precise way by our computerized CNC machine. The mix of modernity and tradition is our most successful recipe.

Besides the manufacturing of our own projects, we offer small cabinetmakers the opportunity to utilize our machinery and our storage capacity. Plenty of space provides for example the automatic panel storage, which is connected to the computer-operated saw. The system manages up to 1.400 panels and quickly selects those wooden boards that need to be tailored. At the same time it keeps an eye on the stock level. Fast. Simple. Straightforward.